Tower XXL Wall Clock 40 inch Open Face Wall Clock Infinity Instruments Large Metal Clock Quartz Movement Tower Huge… Price: $158.04 (as of 05/10/2022 12:39 PST- Details)

LARGE DIAMETER ► The Tower XXL is a huge tower wall clock that is designed to provide you with an oversized wall clock 40 that will serve as the accent piece your home needs.At 40 inches, this large iron clock is one of the best huge wall clocks in the industry.
INCREDIBLE DETAIL ►This clock is designed by the finest artists in the home decor industry. Our designer wall clocks decorative living room are designed with attention to detail and construction quality. Look at the Tower XXL up close to see the breathtaking attention to detail.
STUNNING DESIGN ►The versatile style of these oversized wall clocks makes them a versatile and trustworthy addition to your home decor. Use it in rustic, modern, and traditional settings.